Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LSAG: Reminders on Your Advertising Advantage

How To Post & Posting Policies

At a Glance...

-ART RELATED POSTS only, please.
-Keep it SHORT & to the point:  Think invitation---not essay!
-GIVE IT A TOPIC in your subject line.  That is your headline.  "Posting" or "Please post" is NOT a headline.
-ALWAYS LINK the reader to contact information or a website.
-Mind the deadline:  SUNDAY MIDNIGHT every week for Tuesday's newsletter.
-Post your event AT LEAST A WEEK AHEAD of the date or deadline. 
-EDIT your post before you send it.  We do NOT make minor correction requests.
-We do NOT re-post for you.  You must post each & every time you wish your announcement be included in our newsletter up to once per week.
-Yes to pictures!  They make posts pretty.  But only in JPEG format.
-Avoid the ampersand (& sign).  Use "and" instead.
-Your announcement is NOT posted instantly; it must be PUBLISHED. 

How do I post?  Read ahead for more details or click the 'How to Post' link at the top of this page. 

WHO can post an event? 
ANYone who has an ART related event they wish to share
*We do not post events or businesses outside of art related ones.

WHY post?
Posting=Advertising!  And it is free!  Make your event more successful with advertising.

WHEN should you post?
Post NO LATER than SUNDAY midnight for posts going out in that week's e-newsletter.
Your email does not instantly get posted in an automatic way when you send it.  It must be published; thus the Sunday deadline.
*We do NOT post events that will have already passed at the time of the e-news mass email on each Tuesday.
*Any post sent on Mondays and Tuesdays will not be posted until the following week's e-newsletter provided the event did not already occur.

HOW does someone create a post?
Send an E-MAIL to lsagannouncements@gmail.com; it is that simple.
Usually, your subject line will be the headline of your post.

*Keep your headline short and to the point.  Long headlines will be edited.
*Focus on the most immediate or significant element of the post---an upcoming deadline for example or your star artist who is doing the workshop and the dates.

WHAT is needed for a post?
BASICS for any invitation:
*If you put it on a party invitation, you put it on a post.
*You may also include other relevant information:  fees?  short artist bio?
*Most read posts are short and to the point...but still complete.

HOW OFTEN should you post for a given event?
Once a week or every other week PRIOR to the event (and DURING the event if it is an exhibit for example) 

*The more you advertise your event, the better attended it will be.
*Please observe web etiquette (known as netiquette) and don't hog the blog.  Combine related posts when possible.
*As a membership benefit, our member leagues may post each and every league event. 
*Friends of LSAG are also welcome to post events, but you are limited to one per week.

Do you automatically RE-RUN posts?
NO, we do NOT ever re-run posts automatically or with an advance request.

*Re-posting is up to you, your public relations/publicity person, or other person in charge of such duties to both post and re-post information as often as it is wished to be sent to the membership.
*YOU must re-send your post EACH WEEK you wish it to appear in the newsletter.
*Occasionally, LSAG Communications will write a post to re-cap events, shows, or other upcoming art opportunities.  This is related EXCLUSIVELY to the posts we have received for the newsletter and do not come from any other source including our website. 

HOW OFTEN do you post the same message?
ONCE in a week; multiple posts are discarded.

As already noted:
*As a membership benefit, our member leagues may post each and every league event. 
*Friends of LSAG are also welcome to post events, but you are limited to one per week.

CAN I INCLUDE a picture?
YES, in JPEG format attached to the email; we cannot copy other formats or documents.

*If your picture does not show up in a post, it was probably not sent in the correct format.
*If you send a document in another format, we will show you courtesy by sending you a reply that it is not able to be published.  Repeatedly sending posts in the wrong format will not be acknowledged.  

WHAT should I NOT include in a post?
We do not post excessively long posts nor those items that would be inappropriate at an LSAG show.
*Please do not send forms or applications as we will not be able to post them. 
*We do not post full length newsletters, a full prospectus on a show, the syllabus for a class or workshop offered, or any similar overly long post. 
*Posts are meant as advertisements or announcements and should be short and to the point and provide contact info for more details on your website or through an individual.
*Instead send the LINK or website to access those forms or details if members are interested.
*Our members are comprised of people of all ages---including our youngest members at the elementary school level and up.  Because of that, we will not post things that suggest violence, strong nudity, or other things that may be deemed inappropriate to those viewers.


WHAT ELSE CAN I DO to make my post look as professional as possible?
*Click on your SPELL CHECK before sending and EDIT just as you would a letter to a friend. *DOUBLE CHECK dates and details. 
*Be sure you've included the most IMMEDIATE points such as a deadline that occurs prior to the event itself. 
*The body of your email becomes the body of your post
*READ over your post before sending as if you are NOT familiar with the event to see if it is clearly communicated to other readers who are also not going to be familiar.
*Avoid using the ampersand (&) symbol.  It makes posts messy.  This is how it will look:  &&  We do our best to adjust your copy, but depending on time, we may not be able to fix it.

We're sorry, but we canNOT honor requests to make minor corrections to your post.  However, if you have an error that effects your event, we will do our best to make the correction.  See below.

*Punctuation and grammatical errors as well as misspellings you may have missed are not changeable until you re-post for the following newsletter.  Make your corrections prior to re-submitting your post as you wish it to appear.
*However, if you find a major error that effects your event such as an error in DATE, TIME, PLACE, or CONTACT INFORMATION, please RE-submit your ENTIRE POST WITH the correction made and add a note to us about it being the corrected version.  The subject line should read Corrected:  followed by your previous subject line.  If you do not do this, we will assume it is just a duplicate and discard it.  You must still mind the deadline of Sunday midnight though we will do our best to make a relevant correction as soon as possible.
*All posts are subject to editing so that we can produce a professional newsletter.

WHY don't you ERASE OLD posts?
Our blog is our newsletter and the history of the events and activities offered by our leagues and friends of LSAG over the course of the LSAG year--roughly August to July though we do overlap a bit so nothing gets missed.  Just as you would not cut out pieces and parts of a physical newsletter before you archive it, we do not do this to our e-newsletter either.  If your group has old posts under its name, please note those old posts also show the past date associated with them much like a newspaper would.  We recommend you consider your dynamic group's current offerings and submit a new post to update everyone in our greater guild.  Come August or September, you will see the posts from the year before disappear.  That is with the exception of those posts considered to be LSAG Helps to assist our members with various aspects of the guild that are not bound by a deadline or date limitation (ie-show definitions, guidelines, etc.).  With those exceptions, there's never posts from 2 or more years listed under a given month. 

If you are a Friend of LSAG advertiser, keep in mind this is a complimentary service to your business.  We reserve the right to decline advertising to those who abuse the grace in which it is given. 

MORE QUESTIONS about posts?
Send an email to lsagannouncements@gmail.com; subject line: Posting Question