Monday, April 14, 2014

Reminders: Posting Tips

Posting Tips: 
-Your subject line is the title or headline of your post. 
 Do NOT put "Posting" or "Please re-post this" as your subject line.
1-Identify your group: 
ABC Gallery, XYZ Art League 
2-Identify your event: 
Judged Show, Exhibit Opening, Call to Artists, New Classes
3-Identify your MOST IMMEDIATE DATE:
Deadline for Entry, Opening Reception, Beginning Date
So instead of "Please Post This",
your headline would be
ABC Gallery Exhibit Opening:  March 2
XYZ Art League Judged Show:  Register by February 28  
-Avoid using the ampersand (the & sign) in your posts as they make posts messy.  If we don't have time to fix it, it will show on your post.
-Avoid overuse of the ellipsis (...) as they also mess up publishing your post & tend to push things to additional lines making your post not easily readable.
-Post at least a WEEK in advance of your event.
Events that are posted barely in time for when it takes place are not going to get the maximum attendance.
-Post by Sunday midnight for it to be included in the following Tuesday's newsletter.
If you wait until the last minute, & there is a problem with your post, you will not be contacted in time to make corrections.
-Posts should be reviewed & edited by you before sending. 
If you send a post full of grammatical errors & spelling mistakes, it may appear that way on the newsletter if we do not have time to fix it.  Consider how you would write a letter to a friend.
-Simple posts with the basic info and a link to more details are the most widely read posts.  HINT!  HINT!
Make sure your links work & that the info you are promising is on a website IS really there.   
-As always, re-posting is YOUR responsibility.
Post the same event once per week.
Combine posts for your organization together
(with the exception of judged shows)
so you don't hog the list.
Use netiquette, please.
-Posting on the blog/e-newsletter is a privilege of LSAG Member Leagues, but it is up to each to take advantage of this membership benefit.
We also offer Friends of LSAG the opportunity to share their opportunities with our membership at one post per week.
Multiple or duplicate posts from friends will be discarded.
-For more details on posting, visit the blog's main page & look under "How to Post & Posting Policies".