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The Lone Star Art Guild is a non-profit organization which was started in Brenham, Texas in April 1961.  Currently, it is made up of 15 art leagues within a 200 mile radius of Houston, TX. The purpose of the guild is to advance the study and dissemination of fine art in all of its forms by promoting the appreciation of art and fine craftsmanship through workshops, lectures, demonstrations and exhibits.  We strive to do this in a way that is encouraging to all artists regardless of age or level of experience.  Each artist considers their LIFE experience with art when determining the appropriate division in which to compete.


Each member league is operated independently of LSAG, but typically each league has monthly meetings with demonstrating artists open to all LSAG members at no charge. There are workshops scheduled to encourage your artistic ability and maybe inspire you to try another medium.  Holiday parties & other times are dedicated to social ventures.  Some leagues have galleries or other unique opportunities for their artists.

Each member league sponsors at least one and no more than two LSAG sanctioned judged shows during the year that is run according to the Lone Star Art Guild rules.  All leagues may participate in any of the other leagues' shows that are declared open.  LSAG sanctioned shows are judged shows, not juried shows.  This means that anyone can enter an open judged show and be included.  It is not juried in advance of the show.  These judged shows are divided by experience level for adults & by grade for children.  The LSAG database is available for all member leagues which aids significantly in making the organization & running of a show a much easier endeavor.  All entries and wins of a given league show must be entered within 10 days of the show's judging into the database. 

The art year or season runs from August to April or May depending on the date of the convention.  Convention can be held between May & July.  Different leagues help to host the convention under the leadership of the LSAG President and board.  Convention is a time of coming together for the members of all leagues and includes a variety of art demonstrations, a meal and awards recognition, and the juried show. Pieces are juried in by winning a 'Best' award as well as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 1st Honorable Mention at any of the Lone Star Art Guild member league shows throughout the year.  This show is also judged, and more ribbons are awarded.  Convention is a time of inspiration and celebration!  


INDIVIDUALS:  Membership in the Lone Star Art Guild for an individual artist is through joining an LSAG member league.  We do not otherwise have membership for an individual person.  Your membership in an LSAG league makes you a member of LSAG.  LSAG is the umbrella organization of several leagues with many leagues stretching across the Greater Houston Area and beyond, so it is relatively easy to locate a league near you and one that will be a place of encouragement for your growth and opportunity as an artist. 

LEAGUES, SOCIETIES, & OTHER SIMILAR GROUPS:  LSAG warmly welcomes new local leagues joining our great guild.  Benefits of league membership include participation in the convention & juried show, use of the show database that makes conducting a local show much easier and more professional, and a monthly newsletter with free advertising sent to our greater guild to help you promote your league's events to our communities. 

Any league, society, or group considering applying for membership in LSAG need to first consider the following requirements.

-Each member league is expected to conduct at least one LSAG show per art year.  Please read over our show organization details on our website as well as all LSAG rules to see if your group is willing to conduct such a show following this format & organization.  Shows are held typically between late August & mid May, but this may fluctuate depending on the date of convention.  Leagues must check the closing deadline if they wish their show winners to be eligible for the juried show that year.  You will need time to conduct the show by the published deadline on the website and report winners by the deadline.  

-Each member league must be within a 200 mile radius of Houston, TX.   

If you have an art league, society, or group wishing to apply for membership in LSAG, please contact the LSAG President & LSAG 3rd VP in charge of Membership.  He/ She will confirm your location requirement & instruct you to submit a letter of application to the President.  This will be reviewed by the board upon receipt, & if approved, you will receive confirmation of acceptance via email.  


The new art year begins after convention.  Whenever there is a change in LSAG leadership, there is a transition month immediately following the convention.  Since most leagues do not meet in most of the summer, the general calendar is between August and May.  Convention can occur anytime between May and July.

To see our most current Show Calendar, visit our Show Schedule under SHOWS on our website. 

To see our next Convention Schedule, visit our Convention page for the current year on our website.

For the calendar of one of our leagues, please visit the league websites which can be linked to through our Quick Find page as well as Member Leagues under ABOUT US.

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Current Officers and Chairs

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