Posting Policies


LSAG Posting Policies

 PLEASE read & review BEFORE submitting a post / advertisement.

The deadline for the newsletter is the last Sunday of the month by midnight. 

For current publishing dates, visit the Newsletter Schedule page under Newsletter.

Tips Regarding Our Monthly Publication:
*When you are submitting a post think of events you are having the following month (or other future months) that you want to advertise.   

*It is in your best interest to wait until the week before the deadline to post your event so if you have any updates you can make them PRIOR to your submission.  

WHO can post an event? 
ANYone who has an ART related event they wish to share
 *We do not post events or businesses outside of art related ones.  They will be discarded.

WHY post? 
Posting=Advertising!  And it is free!  Make your event more successful with advertising.

WHEN should you post? 
Post NO LATER than SUNDAY MIDNIGHT for posts going out in that week's newsletter.
Your email does not instantly get posted in an automatic way when you send it.  It must be published; thus the deadline.
 *We do NOT post events that will have already passed at the time of the e-news mass email on each Wednesday early morning.
*Any posts sent on Mondays and Tuesdays will not be posted until the following month's newsletter provided the event did not already occur.

We reserve the right to adjust the schedule but make every effort to do so with advance notice.

HOW does someone create a post? 
Send an E-MAIL to; it is that simple.
What you want to say should be in the BODY of the email and not an attachment.  Attachments do not publish.
Usually, your subject line will be the headline of your post; please do not put it in all caps.
 Keep your headline short and to the point.  Long headlines will be edited.   
Please do not put "please post", "announcement for newsletter" or similar as your subject line. 
If you are sending it to the announcement email address above, it is assumed it is meant for publication.  
Focus on the most immediate or significant element of the post as your headline---an upcoming deadline for example or your star artist who is doing the workshop and the dates.  Please do NOT put your headline in all capital letters.  This will be changed.
Please do not send what you want in the newsletter to a different LSAG email.  It will not likely be received in time or at all.

WHAT is needed for a post?
BASICS for any invitation: 
 *If you put it on a party invitation, you put it on a post.
*You may also include other relevant information for that post:  fees?  short artist bio?
*Most read posts are short and to the point...but still complete.

How OFTEN should you post a given event?
That depends on how long you have before your event takes place.

*The more you advertise your event, the better attended it will be.
*Please observe web etiquette (known as netiquette) and don't hog the blog. 
Combine related posts when possible or rotate posts.

*As a membership benefit, our member leagues may post all league events within a MAXIMUM of 5 posts
(NOT including judged shows).  Leagues may ALSO post a 6th post for
LSAG sanctioned judged shows.

Please note:  Other shows your league may have that are not LSAG sanctioned shows  
(those that do not feed into the Convention Show )
are NOT eligible as the 6th posting.  You may include that show as one of your 5 posts.   

*Friends of LSAG (Art related businesses & other art related organizations) are also welcome to post events,
but these are limited to ONE per week.  Additional posts are discarded.  Combine your announcements into ONE post.

Do you automatically RE-RUN posts? 
NO, we do NOT ever ever EVER re-run posts automatically or with an advance request.
 *Re-posting is up to you, your public relations/publicity person, or other person in charge of such duties to both post and re-postinformation as often as it is wished to be sent to the membership.
*YOU must re-send your post for EACH NEWSLETTER you wish it to appear.

HOW OFTEN do you post the same message?
ONCE in a newsletter; multiple posts are discarded.
 *As noted above, a membership benefit is that our member LEAGUES may post each and every league event
WITHIN a MAX of 5 posts; a 6th post is for LSAG sanctioned shows only. 
If a league sends more than the 5 announcements (or 6 if there is an LSAG show),
we will publish only the first 5 (or 6 if it is an LSAG show; see note above).   
*Friends of LSAG are also welcome to post events, but you are limited to ONE per week.

Can I include a PICTURE? 
YES, in JPEG format ONLY attached to the email; we cannot upload other formats or documents.
 *If your picture does not show up in a post, it was probably not sent in the correct format.

Can I include a POSTER, FLYER, or DOCUMENT?

While a JPEG  attached to the email WILL technically publish, they tend to look fuzzy unless they are of a great quality / high resolution.
It is best to send your text in a simple email & attach a JPEG'd picture to go along with it.  There is not anything we can do about a fuzzy JPEG poster. 
***NO OTHER ATTACHMENTS will publish.***

 *If your poster, flyer, or document does not show up in a post, it was probably not sent in the correct format.

*Regarding documents, please see notes below in What should I NOT include in a post.
*PLEASE NOTE:  If you send a JPEG of a poster, flyer or document, it needs to be high enough quality & size that it will be legible. 
If it is not large enough or a high enough quality, your beautiful poster, flyer, or document will be fuzzy on the blog & not legible (readable). 
This is one of the reasons why simple emails are best.
Often an easy solution is to copy and paste the text from your document into the body of an email. 
While you may be able to do that, the document usually does not allow anyone else to do that.  Thus, it is your obligation to send it in a correct format (JPEG) or in the body of an email.

WHAT should I NOT include in a post?
We do NOT post forms, applications, a full prospectus,  the full syllabus of a class or workshop or other lengthy posts. 
Posts should be keeping with LSAG's family friendly philosophy, and thus if it is inappropriate at an LSAG show
then it is inappropriate for our newsletter.
(See our show guidelines on our ENTER page; see note below.)
*Posts are meant as advertisements or announcements and should be short and to the point 
and provide contact info for more details on your website or through an individual.
*Send the LINK or website to access those forms or details if members are interested.
*NOTE:  Our members are comprised of people of all ages---including our youngest members at the elementary school level and up.  
Because of that, we will not post submissions that suggest violence, nudity, or other elements that may be deemed inappropriate to those viewers.  Again, view our show guidelines on the ENTER page for more details.

WHAT ELSE CAN I DO to make my post look as professional as possible? 
*Click on your SPELL CHECK before sending and EDIT just as you would a letter to a friend.
Grammerly is another free option that will help you improve posts.
*Use basic capitalization and punctuation.
*DOUBLE CHECK dates and details like the address of the venue and contact information. 
*Be sure you've included the most IMMEDIATE points such as a deadline that occur prior to the event itself. 
*The body of your email becomes the body of your post. 
*READ over your post before sending as if you are NOT familiar with the event to see if it is clearly communicated to other readers who are also not going to be familiar.
*Avoid using the ampersand (&) symbol.
*Simple emails are best.  However, if you send any JPEG posters, do so at a high enough level of quality & size that it will be legible (readable).  As a backup, we suggest you also send the information in the same body of the email. 
If the attachment is fuzzy, then we will have the information that can be posted. 

****We have a very limited staff, & we do not have time to contact groups about all submissions when they are not sent in the proper format or follow our guidelines we have taken the time to list here.
If you do not see your post, please first evaluate if you have followed the guidelines & deadlines.****


We're sorry, but we canNOT honor requests to make minor corrections to your post.   
We also do not accept piecemeal corrections.  See below.
Please note that with the newsletter going to a monthly publication,
your correction likely will not be received in time to be made.

*Punctuation and grammatical errors as well as misspellings you may have missed are NOT changeable until you re-post for the following newsletter.
Make your corrections prior to re-submitting your post as you wish it to appear.

*However, if you find a major error that effects your event such as an error in DATE, TIME, PLACE, or CONTACT INFORMATION, please RE-submit your ENTIRE POST WITH the correction made and CORRECTION in all caps in the subject line.  
 If you do not do this, we will assume it is just a duplicate and discard it.  You must still mind the deadline of SUNDAY Midnight for each newsletter; note the monthly date.
*All posts are subject to editing so that we can produce a professional newsletter.

WHY don't you ERASE OLD posts?
Our blog is our newsletter and the history of the events and activities offered by our leagues and friends of LSAG over the course of the LSAG year--roughly August to July though we do overlap a bit so nothing gets missed.  Just as you would not cut out pieces and parts of a physical newsletter before you archive it, we do not do this to our e-newsletter either.  If your group has old posts under its name, please note those old posts also show the past date associated with them much like a newspaper would.  We recommend you consider your dynamic group's current offerings and submit a new post to update everyone in our greater guild.  In the fall, you will see the posts from the year before disappear.  That is with the exception of those posts considered to be LSAG Helps to assist our members with various aspects of the guild that are not bound by a deadline or date limitation (ie-show definitions, guidelines, etc.).  

If you are a Friend of LSAG advertiser, keep in mind this is a complimentary service to your business. 
We reserve the right to decline advertising to those who abuse the grace in which it is given.

If a post is on the newsletter, does LSAG sanction that organization, event, or business?

LSAG leagues are all independently operated.  To be members of LSAG, they must run their shows as per our guidelines and directives in order to be eligible for further competition.  LSAG does NOT sanction any businesses or individuals. 
That being said, each league is liable for their own events & activities. 
We encourage our readers to connect with the league to verify events & details before making plans to attend. 

If you wish to consider an advertiser when conducting business, please investigate any company & use appropriate discretion when giving out personal information. 

Other businesses, groups, event coordinators, etc. with an art post can submit it for publication.  If it meets our requirements, we will include it on our newsletter as a community outreach.  HOWEVER, each individual reader is responsible for reading & investigating any such leads before applying, responding, or involving oneself with any such business, group, or event. 
LSAG is only providing a point of contact and NOT sanctioning or verifying an advertiser. 

MORE QUESTIONS about posts? Send an email to; subject line: Posting Question.
To reach other LSAG officers and chairs, visit the LEADERSHIP page under ABOUT US to direct your question to the right person.