Monday, June 30, 2014

Need Help with Registration? Here's the How To!

Below you will find out more about the upcoming
LSAG Convention and Juried Art Show. 
For our members' convenience,
this is to aid in making your registration for the
convention and show a simple and smooth process. 
We hope to see you there!

To register:
Select below if you are registering WITH Art Show Participation or WITHOUT Art Show Participation
& follow the instructions.
Questions:  Contact Bill Brenza

Convention Registration WithOUT the Art Show

If you want to register for the convention and do not have any qualifying artwork, please contact your league database administrator or the LSAG database administrator at to register.

We have added a link to your artist profile next to the one that says "View Artwork" for convention registration. But this link will only show if you are an administrator. Your league database administrator or the LSAG database administrator will then be able to register the artist and any guests. 

Again, this is ONLY for those who wish to register and do NOT have art work to enter in the juried show.


Convention Registration WITH Artwork for the Juried Show

Registration for convention with eligible artwork is as easy as
1, 2, 3  (...4 if you wish to verify your entries first).

1.  Go to the Database main page and login.  You can get there by clicking through the links on the website under Convention.

Optional:  Click on Profile then on View Artwork (next to your name) and review all of the details of your pieces.  For most, you put in your own details when you registered for a league level show during the year.  But as this was a transition year, a few leagues had show chairs or league database admins put in the details.  All results were put in AFTER each show.  You may wish to verify all is correct before proceeding to registration.  

2.  Click on Registration.  All of your eligible pieces will appear in a list.

3. Click the boxes for each piece you wish to enter and add the price of the piece if for sale.  Below that on the same page, indicate if you will be attending (otherwise only showing artwork and not attending demos or meals) or bringing guests, then read and check the waiver.  Click Submit.

Assistance with LSAG registration for the Convention: 
Contact Bill at

*********If you do not have art work to register for the juried show, please contact your database administrator of your league or the LSAG database administrator, Bill, at the above email.******