Tuesday, August 8, 2017

LSAG: Fall Shows / Time To Send In Your Info

League Leadership, 

With the summer heat still very present, the fall season may seem far and away right now.  Still it is time to begin sending us your fall show dates  --especially early ones that may be scheduled for August & September--  as well as your judges so that we may put them on the website calendar.  For best results, send in your show info for the website as soon as possible.  

This is also a reminder of the 2 other avenues of communication you need to consider for any upcoming show-- the newsletter and database.

To be included on the WEBSITE show schedule, send your LEAGUE, DATE, & JUDGE to lsagconnect@gmail.com.

For NEWSLETTER advertisements, send your post as you wish it to appear to lsagannouncements@gmail.com by Saturday noon of the weekend before you want it sent.  The newsletter goes out on a Wednesday morning.  The How to Post page is available on the website for tips.  We may not be able to turn your paragraph into an advertisement; this is the responsibility of the Publicity Chair for your league.  Please adjust your announcement how you wish it to appear before sending to the Newsletter Editor.  Posts that look more like an invitation are more likely to be read than a lengthy paragraph.  Any advertisement for your show should begin about a month in advance of your show registration deadline.     

Your LEAGUE Database Manager is responsible for entering details of your show in the DATABASE.  This information includes DATE, LOCATION, & JUDGE.   
Please use this format:  Your league's letters / Fall or Spring / All shows in the database should be OPEN shows / Show- / Judge's last name 
Example:  ABC Fall Open Show- Jackson    Note--All LSAG shows are art shows, so this is not a needed distinction.
Questions about the database should be directed first to the 2nd VP Shows/ Database, Stephanie, at   lsagvpshows@gmail.com .  As a backup, you may contact the Database Asst. listed on the Leadership page under About Us.