Monday, May 1, 2017

ALFB: Congrats to Our Spring Art Show Winners

Thanks to Everyone 
Who Participated In
ALFB's Spring Art Show!

Congratulations to All Our Show Winners!

Artwork Title

Best of Show, Adult
The Cigar Lady (Myanmar)LynneSkoyles
Best of Show, School Student
The AmazonLeoWall
Absolutely Fort Bend Award
Booth SchoolMargaritaRojas
Classic Chevrolet Choice Award
The Cigar Lady (Myanmar)LynneSkoyles
Gingerbread House-Elementary School Student Award
Call of the WildGiannaFernandes
Gingerbread House-Middle School Student Award
A Bird's Eye ViewAdelynnPrushing
Marcia Vogelsang Award
Texas OrangesSanySugianto 
Old Time Soda Fountain Award
Burst of Fall
Division I, Professional Category A, Oil/Acrylic
The Cigar Lady (Myanmar)1LynneSkoyles
Honey for My Honey2SanySugianto 
Flower Inspector3VivianHo
Moonlight Serenade1st HMGregMcCreary
Icelandic PoniesHMLynneSkoyles
Toledo, SpainHMJoachimFuchs
Division I, Professional Category C, Pastel
Evening Glow1CarolineRatliff
Hill Country Runoff2CarolineRatliff
The Marsh3BarbaraHawkins
A Simpler Time1st HMCarolynHancock
Georgia On My MindHMCarolineRatliff
Yellow Pollen and Green AlgaeHMBarbaraHawkins
Division I, Professional Category D, Drawing
Cesky Krumlov3ThomasOhman
Grandpa Rolf1st HMThomasOhman
Division I, Professional Category E, Mixed Media
Burst of Fall1SueRoe
Division I, Professional Category H, Abstract/Experimental
Pallette #11GregMcCreary
The Reef2JoachimFuchs
Division II, Semi-Professional Category A, Oil/Acrylic
Super Boy1GraceSzeto
white rose2OscarSantoya Montero
Hazy Barbecue Dreams3S. GaryFrisk
Wishing on a Star1st HMAnneGregory
Fairfield Sisters Under RepairHMS. GaryFrisk
It Hurts to SmileHMKimberleyCleland
Lone Bison, YellowstoneHMDianaMiller
Division II, Semi-Professional Category B, Watercolor/Acrylic
Boats, Calella de Palafrugel1EdwardMeanley
Lone Pine, Calella Spain2EdwardMeanley
Swiss Chard3EdwardMeanley
Division II, Semi-Professional Category C, Pastel
I Love My Zucchini1GraceSzeto
Division II, Semi-Professional Category D, Drawing
Blue Head Scarf1JamesLewis
Peaceful Place2JamesLewis
Tree1st HMIrene Kwang
Division II, Semi-Professional Category E, Mixed Media
Bohemian Dream1AnneGregory
Gold Fish2Irene Kwang
Division II, Semi-Professional Category F, Photography
Hay Bale1MargaritaRojas
Booth School2MargaritaRojas
Division II, Semi-Professional Category H, Abstract/Experimental
Clear Lake1Irene Kwang
Division II, Semi-Professional Category I, Sculpture
Bob Hates His Job1PamelaContreras
Imprisoned By My Inner Demon2PamelaContreras
Division III, Non-Professional Category A, Oil/Acrylic
Chicken Whisperer1KarenPerez
Going for Broke2KarenPerez
St. John's Church, Byford, UK3WalterGlover
By the Quayside (after Haselhosf)1st HMWalterGlover
Division III, Non-Professional Category B, Watercolor/Acrylic
The Window Pitigliano Italy1MayBice
Saucy Sunflowers2ConnieMalcolm
Division III, Non-Professional Category C, Pastels
Arkansas  Barn1CharlotteMoore
Division III, Non-Professional Category F, Photography
Perky Pelican1ConnieMalcolm
Division III, Non-Professional Category H, Abstract/Experimental
The Road Less Traveled1BarbaraWilson
New Life3RobinHolley
A Star is Born1st HMBarbaraWilson
Taste of SpaceHMRobinHolley
Division III, Non-Professional Category I, Sculpture
ML Wolley Sheriff 19101MichaelHildebrand
Superman 20172MichaelHildebrand
Old Mutt's Last Trail3MichaelHildebrand
Division III, Non-Professional Category J, Fine Studio Craft
Flashy Floral on Silver1CarrieMorris
Windows of Color2CarrieMorris
Oceans of Blue3CarrieMorris
Division IV, Adult Student Category A, Oil/Acrylic
Aspen Autumn1PrafulAmin
Blue Hydrangeas2Carol Mulvahill
Blue at Daybreak3BobAlanis
Walk in the Trees1st HMMaryJohnson
Aspen SummerHMPrafulAmin
Ode to RFSHMMaryJohnson
Division IIV, Adult Student  Category E, Mixed Media
Santa Fe Sunrise1BrendaBowman
Many Moons2BrendaBowman
Division IV, Adult Student Category F, Photography
Ruidoso Rain1BrendaBowman
Division V-ES, Elementary School Student Category A, Oil/Acrylic
Call of the Wild1GiannaFernandes
Division V-MS Middle School Student Category A, Oil/Acrylic
Peek-a-Boot Kitty1AdelynnPrushing
Always Welcome2MelanieMorvant
"Gourd"eous Autumn3AdelynnPrushing
A Bird's Eye View1st HMAdelynnPrushing
God's Greatest GiftsHMMelanieMorvant
Division V-HS, High School Student Category A, Oil/Acrylic
Tropical Sunset1GiannaMooney
Division V-HS, High School Student Category B, Watercolor/Acrylic
Division V-HS, High School Student Category D, Drawing
The Amazon1LeoWall
The Jiu Jitsu Master3GiannaMooney
Division V-HS, High School Student Category F, Photography
Dancing Dude1KrystenSoldano
Rosy Checking His Reflection2KrystenSoldano
Intelligent and Proud3KrystenSoldano
Division V-HS, High School Student Category I, Sculpture
Snowfire, Clydesdale Colt1GiannaMooney

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