Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LSAG: Need The Following From These Leagues

We need the following information from these leagues:

WAL:  Your 2 LSAG Reps & Contact Info
TAL:  One LSAG Rep outside of the President & Malvine Wolf
NSA:  Your 2 LSAG Reps, Database Manager, & Publicity Chair (person designated as the one to submit NSA's announcements to the newsletter) & Contact Info for each
LAG:  Contact info for your LSAG Reps
ASW:  Your 2 LSAG Reps & Contact Info

KAA:  Need all info for 2016-17

If your league is not listed above, please visit the website to verify your information is correctly listed.  Corrections must be submitted by Monday, Oct. 10, midnight.  The next round of updates will not be made until January.