Monday, September 5, 2016

LSAG: Using the Database

Use of the database is your agreement to the FULL 
LSAG prospectus as shown on the website.  

While a league might choose to welcome pieces that do not qualify under LSAG rules to its show,
Members & show participants may NOT add pieces to the database that are not appropriate for an LSAG show according to our rules.

Use of the database acknowledges each artist's understanding AND compliance of ALL of the rules.  
Therefore those pieces that go against the rules CANNOT be entered on the database.
This means NO nudes in the database; 
NO violence/ gore/ profanity/ obscenities in the database;
NO copies in the database;
and NO works that have been made as a result of a collaboration in the database...
and NO recording of wins thereof.

While your show might choose to accept any of these categories,
they are NOT eligible for entry or acknowledgement by LSAG.  
Artists may NOT use the LSAG database to enter them as eligible artworks NOR have them represented as winners.  Again, they are:
-nudity (partial or full; back or front)
-violence, gore, or profanity / obscenities 
(visually or in text or title)
-copies  (ALL artworks MUST be the original work of the artist)
-works that have been made as collaborations or ANY piece that has had more than one person work on it 
(only ONE artist may have worked on the piece from start to finish regardless of  an industry or craft standard)