Monday, September 5, 2016

LSAG: Adult Students & Leagues---Please Read

Have a degree in art?  Are you a teacher of art?

We will be happy to help promote your expertise in the field of art as a teacher or demo artist,
you do NOT qualify as an Adult Student or Non-Professional 
in our shows.  This should be obvious.
Please adjust your division to reflect your expertise.

If you are listed as an Adult Student
you must be someone who is 
in their first 2 years of college level art 
(and not entering your 3rd year) 
be new to creating art within your first 3 years of being 
self taught or taking lessons.

Leagues may NOT have an independent policy of allowing any new member to enter at the Adult Student level.
This is against LSAG rules.
Please refer to the very specific guidelines for Adult Students on the prospectus / rules & guidelines which is located on the website. 

Our strength is in the integrity of our members...and our leagues.

If you are currently listed as an Adult Student
and no longer qualify under the guidelines
or have a degree in art & do not qualify,
please adjust your division by Sept. 15.
1-Login to your account on the database.
2-Click 'View Profile'.
3-Adjust your division & click SAVE:
Adult students with a DEGREE in ART move to Semi or Professional.
Adult students in college for the 3rd year of art 
move to Non-Professional;
Adult students new to art & being self taught or with lessons outside of college for the 4th year 
move to Non-Professional.