Monday, September 26, 2016

LSAG: Last Week for Submitting Updates / Due Sept. 30

FINAL WEEK for submitting updates to the LSAG website until January.  Your league's fall officers/ chairs need to be reported.

Please send to  Sending to a different email will NOT get your update published.  We have already transitioned to new leadership, so your cooperation to send it to the Webmaster at the above e-dress is critical. 

We appreciate ALL league leadership, but your own league website is the appropriate venue for sharing additional members of your team.  We only post on the LSAG website those that we & other leagues would need to be able to contact.  The LSAG website frequently refers to connecting to leagues on their own websites and provides appropriate links. 

The next formal opportunity for updates to league leadership will be in January for those leagues who elect new leadership at the end of / beginning of the year.

Show Schedule:
Judges need to be reported in order for Database Mgrs to enter shows in the database for registration.

Please check the LSAG website Show Schedule under Shows and make sure the dates we have are correct.  This is each league's responsibility. 

Again, when you send or verify your show, we ALSO NEED the name of your judge.  It is LSAG policy to not select judges for convention who have judged an LSAG show that year.

We are only listing shows up through March until the convention date is set.  The cutoff date for convention eligibility may be earlier this year.