Monday, April 18, 2016

LSAG: Final Shows of the 15-16 Art Year

Final shows of the 2015-16 art year as reported on the website:

APRIL 2016
21-23 -Lufkin Art Guild
23-Lake Houston Area Artists
30-Houston Art Society

MAY 2016

*7-Imperial Art Alliance (formerly SLAA)                              *7-National Society of Artists

*21-Art League of Ft. Bend  (ALFB's website indicates currently that their show is on May 14 with a registration deadline of May 7.  Please verify with them; we have not received a show announcement. The information we have was provided earlier in the year and may have been updated since then.)

Please visit their websites for more details & to verify dates & registration details.  Website links can be found on the QUICK FIND page on the LSAG website or on the links to the right on the blog main page.

*Reminder for 2016 Convention:  May shows must be held no later than May 21 with final reporting no later than May 24 midnight (BEFORE Mem. Day) to qualify for LSAG Convention 2016.  No exceptions.  Due to the database system and the way it operates, show wins can NOT be held over to another art year beyond the current year's convention.