Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LSAG: Newsletter News & Upcoming Holiday

Notice anything unusual about last week's newsletter?  It was actually 2 newsletters in one.  You may not have noticed the change in dates, but it was the past 2 weeks of news combined together.  While we had published each of the 2 newsletters on time, Mail Chimp did not send the first one which meant you received the 2 combined together last week. Unfortunately, we were informed at the last minute that Mail Chimp would be doing some maintenance & some services would be interrupted.  That included the sending out of our newsletter, but we had already published it.  So if you came across some duplicate or late announcements, that is why.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but there was nothing we could do about it; this was a Mail Chimp issue & out of our hands.

Please remember this is the last LSAG newsletter for 2015 due to the holidays.  Also realize LSAG officers will have very limited "office hours" during these same dates.  If you send an email or question at this time, there will be the same delay in it getting answered.  Thanks for your patience in advance.

*There will be no newsletter on Dec. 22 or 29.

*The next 2 weeks you will receive the regular newsletter email without articles but with links to the blog  (look on the right side of the email).  These are reminders you can visit the blog anytime to catch up on recent postings.  Note the date for each newsletter.

*Regular newsletters resume in January.  No January dates will be affected.

*Any post received between Dec. 14, 2015 and Jan. 3, 2016 by midnight will be in the newsletter on the 5th provided they have not expired or passed.