Tuesday, August 4, 2015

LSAG Reminders

LSAG Reminders:

Lufkin, NSA, & WAL:  We need your info.  Page with contact info & basics for meetings & shows are currently live on the website & blog main page.  We are missing yours.  (SLAA will be updated soon.)

League Leadership:  Encourage your other league leadership & members to stay 'in the know' about LSAG & other art related activities & sign up for the newsletter.  It is sent out once per week each Tuesday afternoon.  Email addresses are not shared with others.

Calling ALL Leagues:  Advertise your league's events:  meetings/demos, upcoming shows, workshops, classes, and more of what you have to offer as a group.  Many in our community who are not yet involved in a league receive our newsletter.  Are you tapping into your FREE advertising opportunity?  Check out the posting policies page on the blog main page or the website.  It is as simple as sending an email.

Updates are being made this week (Aug.1-7) to the LSAG website.  Your patience is appreciated. 

Coming Soon: 

-Encouragement:  New ways to honor your members & volunteers
-Growth:  Help in promoting your league to your community
-Input:  A questionnaire is in the process of being formulated.  We hope to have it ready for replies later this month.