Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LSAG: Contact Info / Convention Winners / Look Ahead

LSAG Reminders:

Not all leagues have replied or completed their contact information.  Please do so by tomorrow, Wednesday, July 29th.  The first request went out to presidents at the end of June.  The page with all leagues & their current contact info will be live on Aug. 1st & will show all leagues.  Please represent your league well with the information requested as it is at this time.  If your league has a change in leadership in the future, we'll get an update then.  We need to hear from KAA, NSA, & WAL.

Encourage your league leadership & members to stay 'in the know' about LSAG & other art related activities & sign up for the newsletter.  It is sent out once per week each Tuesday afternoon.  Email addresses are not shared with others.

Convention Winners List went out last Tuesday afternoon.  Members should have received this through the president of their league & replied to Julia Koutroulis with any corrections.  An update will be available soon.

Coming in August: 

-Encouragement:  New ways to honor your members & volunteers
-Growth:  Help in promoting your league to your community
-Input:  A questionnaire is in the process of being formulated.  We hope to have it ready for replies in Aug.