Monday, June 29, 2015

LSAG: General Calendar

Overview of the 2015 Calendar

JULY:  This is the month of transition, but communications will begin almost immediately.  That is why it is critical that the above board members & their contact information are sent to the new president at  by July 15 or as the case may be for your league within a month of any new board or other change.

AUGUST:  This is the month the new board will be having their first meeting as they will now have their materials passed down from the former board.  Convention 2016 host league presidents & / or representatives will be included on this invitation for the first planning meeting. 

We want to be very conscientious of everyone's time & maximize our productivity.  In that end, we will conduct any pre-meeting business via email.   

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER:  In one of these months & no later than late October, we will have the fall open meeting.   This is an informational meeting, but please be aware that league leadership will be kept informed throughout the year via email & the greater league membership will be kept informed throughout the year via the newsletter.   To maximize everyone's efforts & time, every effort will be made to coordinate the  board meeting & planning meeting to precede the open meeting on the same day.  While sometimes this is done in coordination of an LSAG show, we don't like to do it when it conflicts with 2 or more shows occurring the same day as this will mean at least one league will not be able to attend.  This is of course provided we are aware of your show dates. 

NOVEMBER / DECEMBER:  In one of these months, we will have an LSAG opportunity for the greater membership as a new added benefit.   More details to come. 

Upon these early meetings taking place, more details will be sent out on the rest of the year, but this will at the least give everyone an idea of what to expect.