Monday, June 29, 2015

LSAG: Communication Q & A; PLEASE REPLY by July 15

The new board is excited to serve our LSAG leagues & anticipates a dynamic year ahead! 

Here's a few answers to questions about communications particularly when there is a transition of administrations on the LSAG board.  Please take the time to review it & reply accordingly.  Specifically, we need your replies of your current officers & contact info (see below) by July 15 & your upcoming fall show info as soon as that is available (also listed below).

When does the new board actually begin in their positions?
The new board takes effect  immediately following convention.  However, according to the constitution, the former board continues their duties for one month after convention in order to complete any final convention business.  Any materials or other items belonging to LSAG are turned over to the new board at that time.  Since our convention this year was June 26 & 27, the former board has the month of July to complete any outstanding convention business & turn over books & other materials so that the business of LSAG will be uninterrupted. 

Who do I go to during this transition time if I have a question?
If it is about the past convention, then please direct your questions to Sue Syvertson, President or BJ Want, Treasurer.  Second VP in charge of the show remains in this position & 3rd VP is the current president.  Positions of 1st VP & Secretary were not held.
Otherwise, you should direct your questions to Alice Van Farowe.  You may reach her at this time through the email  No later than the end of July, the  email address will be transitioned over to the new president.

What is next?  YOUR LEAGUE'S reply is needed.
The new president will be sending out communications via email & the newsletter beginning this week.  In the second half of July, this will include a questionnaire so that ALL MEMBERS may have their voices heard in this virtual round table.  Taking the time to share your input will enable the new board to best meet the needs of the greater LSAG body. 
MANY communications are sent to key league leadership.  It is IMPERATIVE that you communicate names, email addresses, & the best phone numbers for contacting EACH of the following 5 positions as soon as possible:

-PRESIDENT of your league
-SHOW CHAIR of your league  (This person may also have another title.) 
-TREASURER of your league
-PUBLICITY CHAIR of your league
-DATABASE CHAIR of your league

Please send this to the new president at  by July 15 for those board members who are or will be in these positions as early as August. 

If your league keeps its board until sometime after August 31 (such as in Nov., Dec., or Jan.), we need you to reply to this for the people filling those positions NOW.  Later, when your board changes, please send us this information WITHIN A MONTH of any change.  It is up to each league to keep us informed of changes as they come about regarding their leadership.  This is in the best interest of your league so that everyone can stay informed.

It is ALSO IMPORTANT that your league shares its FALL SHOW DATES & other show info as soon as possible.  

Some shows for the 2015-2016 art year may begin as early as August.  If your show is in August, please communicate your key show details outlined below as soon as possible & by July 31.  Otherwise, please send show info as soon as possible.  We recommend 1 1/2 to 2 months in advance.  We'd like to avoid conflicts with LSAG meetings.  

(We'll automatically include your show chair & his/her contact info that you provide.)

How are meetings scheduled?
Rather than announcing dates to meetings, LSAG board members & planning committee members will be contacted with a series of possible dates for their consideration & the timeframe in which to reply.  Dates are determined by the best date for the majority.  Open fall & spring meetings will be determined & announced in advance. 

Are there positions available on the board or in chairmanships?
As of this writing, there are a few positions available.  Please contact President Alice Van Farowe directly if you would like more information about opportunities.  Positions are being filled, & she will know the latest changes.  It is up to the new board, specifically the incoming president, to fill any remaining positions. 

What is the immediate past president's role?
According to the constitution, the immediate past president serves in an advisory role. 

Other Things to Note Regarding Communications:

-Anything we send out will have in the subject line  "LSAG:"  followed by the topic of the email.  If you are looking for a communication from us, search your email inbox using LSAG, & those emails should come up provided they have not been deleted.

-The president checks email regularly several times within a given week.  However, there are rare times when there is an exception.   Given we have just finished the convention, we don't anticipate a large number of issues for the incoming board & appreciate your patience the next couple of weeks.

-ALL PRESIDENTS should be signed up for the newsletter & should check their email regularly for updates & replies as needed-- once a week is recommended.