Monday, January 5, 2015

Using & Benefiting from the LSAG Newsletter/Blog



If you are on a boring white background page still in your email, you are NOT on the newsletter / blog main page.  Click on 'View LSAG's Blog' link on the RIGHT>>>>

If you need assistance with how to use the newsletter / blog...
If you have never been to the watercolor abstract page...
If you think the only way to read this is to look at the email...
If you think everything already happened & you got left out...
READ ON, PLEASE.  We have more to share. 
Using the weekly newsletter to learn about upcoming events & get reminders about shows is quick & easy.  Here's a primer for a few things to know about using & benefiting from the newsletter/blog each week.


1-Click only the posts you are interested in through the EMAIL.

2-Visit the blog/newsletter MAIN PAGE with all of the week's posts AND past posts.


You'll need to...
-CLICK THE RED HEADLINE for each post of interest 
-CLICK 'READ MORE' at the end of each of these posts.
Things to  Note When You Are On The Emailed Newsletter With Links:

-You will NOT get all of the details of an event by looking at the teaser. 

-Don't mistake the PUBLISHING date with the date of the EVENT.  We do not publish old, outdated information.  If you think you missed an event, check the full post to see the DATE of the EVENT.  Keep in mind some exhibits & classes are ONGOING.  You MUST read the headline or post to determine the date of the event & other details. 

-If you are short on time, clicking on only the posts of interest is the best thing to do; see if anything is of interest & click accordingly to get details for those posts only.



"I want to know about EVERYTHING."

You'll need to...   
 -Go to the TOP RIGHT SIDE of the newsletter & CLICK on 'Visit LSAG's BLOG'.
Going here, you will see EVERY post in its entirety on a backdrop of a warm watercolor abstract. 
Things to Note When You Are On the Blog Main Page:
-NOTE the date at the top on the little brown tab.  It shows the PUBLISHING DATE (not the date of events).  You MUST read the headline or post to determine the date of the event & other details. 
-You can also ACCESS PAST POSTS by scrolling down & going to older posts or previous pages.  Not all of our newsletters fit on one blog page, so you may have to go to a previous page to see all posts for a given newsletter.  Again, note the publishing date on the brown tab to determine if you are reading last week's newsletter or this week's.
-It is easy to search for posts by organization or month the post was made.  LSAG leagues also may have other ways to search such as under the topic of "classes" or "workshop".  Go to the blog & read the right hand side margin for a listing. 
-We label each post by organization & month(s).  Sometimes we'll add extra labels.  In order to continuously offer you a weekly newsletter, we publish most every week of the year...even when we are on vacation or are out of town for some other reason such as work.  During these weeks, we do NOT label posts due to time constraints.  When organizations RE-POST their events, it will get labeled.  If you would like to be a part of the newsletter/blog team & serve as an assistant, contact me at  
-Click on LSAG Helps, LSAG News, LSAG Convention, & LSAG Rules for the latest LSAG news.
-Link to local leagues' websites--also on the upper right side margin.  If a league does not have a website of their own, (or has not told us about it) this will link to the LSAG website page.  See Sue Syvertson for website updates to league pages.  She can be reached at  If you have a league website to link, let us know at
-From the newsletter email you get on Tuesdays, you can also link quickly to LSAG's website.  This is especially convenient when you wish to enter a show as the LSAG database for show entry is on the website.