Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reminder: Advertise to Success

If you have a show in November,
October is the time to get the word out.
Advertizing your show is up to YOU. 
One of the benefits of a league's LSAG membership is to reach the larger guild membership with news about your shows
...as well as your other league activities & offerings
with FREE advertising in the weekly e-newsletter.
FREE advertising?  Is that a real thing?
In most of the advertising world, it is not.
But with LSAG league membership, it IS a real thing.
***Advertise for success***
***For FREE***
When people read your announcement...
The First Time:  "Hmmm, so ABC League is having a show.  Interesting."
The Second Time:  "ABC League is having a show.  I wonder when it is."
The Third Time:  "That's right!  ABC League is having a show.  Let me register."  

-Send your announcements to lsagannouncements@gmail.com.

-Include anything you would include on a party invitation:  date, time, place, contact info, etc.  Also include any pre-registration deadline & your website where more info can be found.  We do NOT publish your entire prospectus or registration forms.

-The deadline each & every week is Sunday midnight, so email your announcement Monday through Sunday for publication in the following Tuesday's e-newsletter.  Your email has to be published; it is NOT posted the moment you send it. 

-We do NOT re-post your information.  That is for your show chair, activity coordinator, publicity chair, secretary, or whomever may be responsible for that in your league.  It would be impossible & unrealistic for us to serve in this position for 17 different leagues.  You are welcome to send a post for each activity you want advertised each week you want it to be included in the e-newsletter.

And it is as simple as an email!