Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Register Online for LSAG Shows Using the New Database System

Directions for INDIVIDUAL Artists on Using the Online Registration Database: 

Two Step process:
1-Be entered as an LSAG artist in the database.
2-Enter a show(s) through the database.

Step 1-Are you in the database?

-If you won ribbons in 2012 or 2013 you are already in the LSAG database.

-If you are new or did not have ribbons last year, please view the 2 You Tube instructional videos online at .

-If you are not an LSAG member, (you are not a member of a local league)you can still enter open shows.  However, it is not possible to do so through the database.  Please contact the league who is hosting the show directly for more information or to join.

Step 2-Using the database to enter a show once you are in the database as an artist
1.   Go to the LSAG website: & click on Show Entry Database.  
2.   Login to your database account with your email & password.  It will acknowledge who the account is for. 
-Forgot your password?  Click the link to get a reminder for any registered account.
-If there's more than one LSAG member in your family, each member will be listed under separate email accounts. 

3.   Click on Profile (left side).  Everything you need to do is under your profile.  
-Review and correct any errors & especially verify your Division & click Save.
-You cannot lower your Division. If your Division needs to be LOWER contact your League Data Base Administrator (LDBA).
4.   If you have artwork already in the database that you want to enter into a show, click on View Artwork. Then go to Step 5.

If you have not already entered your artwork, click View Artwork, then Add New.   Enter all details, and click Save.  It will now appear in your View Artwork list.
-Please note the change in letters for categories & make sure you are entering your piece in the appropriate one.
5.   The artwork you enter(ed) goes into an alphabetical list of all of your artwork for the current LSAG year (fall 2013-spring 2014).  Click on the title of the piece you want to enter into a show.  Select the show from the drop down list, confirm the category, and click Add.

Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each piece you wish to enter in a show.

You are entered!

Things to note:

Please note that during this transition period, each league is using the database at different registration levels.  ****Check with that particular show to verify you are registered.****  That should be listed on their own show prospectus or contact the Show Chair or other show contact listed.  Ultimately, all leagues will have to use the database to indicate winners for the annual juried show.  Doing so at the local league level for shows during the year makes it easier for leagues to conduct their shows & is less time consuming overall.
·         You do not need an activation link email.  If you have one it goes to the same place.
·          You can enter your artwork into other art shows from this same screen; therefore, you will see multiple art shows.
·         Every time you click "Add New", and save something, you have entered it again into the database.  If you have an artwork multiple times you can delete the unneeded copies.
·         You can remove your artwork from the show after you add it if you change your mind.  You must delete it prior to the registration closing date. After that date, contact the person in charge of your judged show to let them know you will not be attending the show.
·         You can remove artwork from the database.
·         You don't pay until check-in.
·         There is no registration sheet to print & you don't fill in labels for the back of the artwork.

Do not click on Shows (in left column), because it doesn't have any functionality for you.

Still have questions? 
Contact our Show Database Chair, Bill Brenza at