Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Metal Display Screens for Sale

2 wooden framed art panels. They were designed to be hinged together  so they stand in an "L" shape.
Each panel is 36 inches wide x 6 foot tall - L size is 36x36x72. The frames are made from 1" by 2" wood boards screwed together.  lightweight and easy to handle.

The support material is a white heavy duty plastic grid work that allows various items to be hung using simple "S" shaped hooks.  Also included small metal edge pieces easily attached with screws for added strength.

light weight and easy to handle. 
$35 for the L

also-  4 - black metal panels hinged to create 2 - 24x24" x 7ft- "L's"- these are extremely sturdy - $20 each "L". 



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