Monday, May 8, 2017

LSAG: Final Days for Recognition Awards / Due Mother's Day

Recognition of Members at this year's convention: 

Recognition this year at convention will include honoring league and LSAG volunteers as well as those who have art related achievements both recent and lifelong. 

These are the final days to nominate yourself or someone else.
Deadline:  Mother's Day, Sunday, May 14 at midnight
is THIS week.

-You may nominate yourself; you may nominate a fellow artist.
ANY and ALL LSAG members are invited to nominate themselves and their fellow artists to recognize volunteerism, art achievements, and lifetime achievements in art.  
There is NO responsibility on a league to conduct formal nominations or voting.  

-You do not need to be present at convention to be recognized.  

Volunteer Awards:

Volunteers in a league or with LSAG  AND Art Related Volunteers in the Community:
 Years served do not have to be consecutive years.  
They do not have to be served in the same position or with the same league or organization for all 3 years. 

Your league and LSAG relies heavily on members volunteering to help run things whether a monthly meeting, show, or any number of activities.  If you or someone you know has volunteered in a league (or more than one league) &/or with LSAG for a total of 3 years or more, nominate them for 
Volunteers in a league or with LSAG Award.

It is not just about what we do in the studio, it is also about how we bring the love of art to others.  A volunteer art teacher at a camp?  Helping others heal through art?  Working with those who have special needs by doing art projects?  If you or someone you know has served the community in an art related way for 3 years or more, nominate them for
Art Related Volunteers in the Community Award.

Art Achievement Awards:

Art Achievement OUTSIDE of LSAG  AND  Lifetime Achievement:

The spirit of LSAG has always been unique in the art world to promote a supportive environment where artists can grow in an encouraging community of fellow artists.  If you or someone you know has had an art related achievement recognized by an organization OUTSIDE of LSAG the past year or so, nominate them for
Art Achievement OUTSIDE of LSAG Award.

Both new members and old are gifts in our greater organization.  
One group shows growth and and the other provides stability.  
Longtime members of LSAG for 10 years or more may be nominated by the person themselves or by someone else if they have created a body of work across the span of their art life in any one or more categories LSAG recognizes.   

A person must be a current LSAG member artist.  However, it can also be awarded posthumously to a recently deceased member who was a member for 10 years or more of any LSAG league or combination of leagues. 

If you or someone you know qualifies, do not hesitate to recognize their achievement by nominating them for
   Lifetime Achievement Award.

What We Need:
--Name (first and last) of the person to be awarded 

--Home league of the person to be awarded 

--The award specified above that you feel where recognition is merited

--How you / they have contributed for said award 
(see descriptions above AND include number of years as applicable)

--If it is a posthumous award for a deceased member, we always appreciate knowing one of their family member's name & email address.  
This is NOT required. 
--IF you are nominating someone else,
YOUR name and home league
(Home leagues do NOT have to be the same.  You can nominate across leagues.)

Artist: Polly Palette
Home League:  HAS
Award:  Volunteer service in the community-- I volunteer with ARTOutreach to Children's Hospital, Women's Center, and Homeless Shelter/ Soup Kitchen by donating art pieces and conducting workshops for patients and clients.  I have been doing this over the course of the past 5 years. / 123.456.7890

Artist:  Dan Diptych, Home league CAAL
Nominated by:  Frieda Figure, Home league LHAA
Award:  Volunteer for league-- Dan has served as our treasurer for 4 years 2013-2016.  /  246.810.1214  /  357.911.1315 

When We Need It By & Where to Send It:
Please let us know the above nominations you wish to make 
between Easter and Mother's Day, Sunday, April 16th through Sunday, May 14th 
by sending an email to .

Please note:  If you send your nomination elsewhere, it may not be received on time.