Monday, April 3, 2017

VT Studio Center: Relief for Displaced Artists and Writers

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The Banner of Peace, found throughout VSC's campus; Pax Cultura means "Peace through Culture."
As part of our unwavering commitment to creative sanctuary and international exchange, we are thrilled to announce an expansion of our Displaced Artists Fund residency program.
Thanks to a generous grant from the McComb Foundation, over the next three years, VSC will provide up to 20 fully funded 4- to 6-week residencies to artists and writers around the world who have been displaced by natural disaster, climate change, or political turmoil or threat*.
Artists and writers worldwide who have been displaced due to natural disaster may apply directly to VSC for a Displaced Artists Fund residency.
VSC was founded as and will always be a creative sanctuary for artists and writers. By providing a creative community of refuge in Vermont, these residencies can help restore normalcy to studio practice and ease the isolation that often accompanies displacement. If you need more information about this program or have questions about eligibility, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Kathy Black
​Program Director

*Due to the complexities of political asylum and situations of unrest, we will be working together with partner organizations well-versed in these areas to safely bring artists and writers living under political threat to the U.S. These partners will be responsible both for nominating eligible artists and writers and helping to facilitate their journeys to VSC. 
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