Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Red Dot / Xanadu: A Look at the First Fully Painted Film

Check out this amazing new film about Van Gogh - it's painted! Trouble viewing? Try this!
Loving Vincent | A Look at the First Fully Painted Film
by Mara Blackwood | Editor

Social media has been buzzing recently about Loving Vincent, the world's first painted full-length film. The film tells the story of Vincent Van Gogh's life and mysterious death through 65,000 frames, hand painted in Van Gogh's style, according to the movie's website.

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Debate | Should you Watermark Art you Are Posting Online?
by Jason Horejs | Owner, Xanadu Gallery

I am frequently asked by artists whether they should watermark their artwork before sharing it online. There seems to be a pretty widespread concern that posting artwork images online could lead to unauthorized reproduction or theft of the artwork. I don't dismiss this threat out of hand, the theft of intellectual property is a very real problem. I would argue, however, that a watermark is a pretty poor way to deal with the problem, and that watermarks defeat the purpose of sharing work online in the first place.

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Debate: Should Artists Show Work in Doctor's Offices, Banks and Other Business Locations?
by Jason Horejs | Owner, Xanadu Gallery
Last week, I received an email raising the question of whether it would be worthwhile for an artist to show her work in a doctor's office. The doctor would display the work for a set time and allow the artist to have a stack of cards or brochures available to potential buyers. If work sold, the doctor wouldn't take a commission.

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