Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CAL Landscape in Pastels Wkshop with Kathy Fediw

Kathy Fediw
Painting the Landscape in Pastels
For Beginners to Intermediate Level Artists

       Pastels are fast, forgiving and fun!  Learn how to paint the landscape in beautiful, luminous colors that will last for generations to come.
       In this workshop you'll learn how to paint mountains, trees, fields, and clouds in a painterly, impressionistic style.  Find out how to use linear and aerial perspective to create depth, and how diagonals can lead the viewer into the painting.  We will experiment with different papers and types of underpaintings, and you are encouraged to develop your own unique style.   You'll come away with at least 3 finished paintings and have fun learning from your award-winning instructor.
       Pizza on Friday evening, an assortment of pastel papers and a red value finder are included in the fee.

View more of Kathy's art at http://www.kathyfediw.com

March 31   5:30pm-8:00pm
April 1    9am- 4:00 pm

Workshop Fee: $140

Conroe Art League Gallery

127 Simonton St.

Conroe, TX 77301