Wednesday, February 1, 2017

LSAG: League Leadership Updates Needed by Feb. 28

Dear league leadership,

Some leagues change leadership with Dec. or Jan. elections.  Please notifiy LSAG promptly within a month of changes and by the end of February.  Other leagues who have had recent changes for whatever reason, please let us know.  

All leagues should keep LSAG informed of the following 6 offices/ chairs and their email and one phone number for each:

-show chair
-database chair
-publicity chair  (person responsible for communicating your league's business and LSAG shows to the newsletter at
-LSAG representatives  (2 in addition to the president)

If you have more than one person serving in a position, please include both & their contact information.  Please do not send other officers/ chairs.  These are the only ones we will need names and contact information for.

LSAG updates league leadership at the beginning of the art year, after any Dec. / Jan. elections for those for whom it applies, and after convention.