Monday, January 23, 2017

LSAG: Report Your League Shows

Having a show this winter?  One in the spring?

There are 2 places your show appears:  on the website on the show schedule page AND on the database so your members, other LSAG members, and others can sign up to participate.  If you have it in one place, it does not mean it is going to magically appear in the other.

WEBSITE:   Send your league & show date to 
so it can be listed in the show schedule on the website.  If you know your judge, you may send that at the same time HOWEVER this must be updated later.

DATABASE:   Please remember that YOUR LEAGUE Show Chair or Database Manager is responsible for adding the show listing to the database.  Look at the others listed to see how they are set up.

League letters / Spring, Winter, or Fall / Open or Closed* / 'Show'

(ie- ABC Spring Open Show)

ALL LSAG shows are judged; ALL LSAG shows are art shows.  These distinctions are not needed.  ALL shows listed are from the 2016-2017 art year.  Specifying the year is not needed.

ALL shows get wiped from the system after convention.  LSAG's art year runs from August to July.  

****Additionally, send your show announcements to to have details go out about your shows...especially if you want to increase participation.

Why do we need to tell you who our judge is?  LSAG convention rules indicate that league judges that year should not be asked to judge convention.  We need to know who the judges are for your league shows so we know who NOT to ask to be a convention judge that same year.  They may be asked to judge another convention.  We'd rather not guess or go through a lot of research to find out.  It is much easier for you to do your task for your one league than for us to do it for 17 leagues. 

 *To be an LSAG member league, ALL leagues must offer a minimum of ONE / maximum of TWO qualifier shows each art year that are LSAG sanctioned and follow all LSAG rules.