Wednesday, December 14, 2016

LSAG: League Leadership---Time to Check Your Roster in the Database

Attention League Leadership:  
Presidents, Treasurers, those over Membership for your league, & 
Database Managers

It is winter cleaning time!  The fall art show season has ended.  Between now and the end of February is the time to check your current membership rolls with new members included and be sure your list is the same as what is in the LSAG database.

Presidents, Treasurers, & those over Membership:  Read this information & communicate to the Database Manager current membership and details needed as requested by the DM.

Database Managers:  Login using your DM account to the database to do the following.

*For members already in the system, do nothing.
*For members not in the system, add them. (see 'Adding Members' below)
*For those who are no longer members, you may wish to contact them to see if they are renewing or if they intend to change their home league.  If  they are not continuing, give them a deadline to respond before you then remove them from the database.
*For new members, add them to the database. (see 'Adding Members' below)
ALL members of your group, whether they participate in shows or not, should be shown in the database.

Duplicate accounts for the same person occur on occasion.  Check your league's roster for this.  Do NOT remove the account with art listed.  Check with your member to see which account they use.

Please be sure to remove those members who are deceased.

This is the perfect time to follow up with those NON-members who may have participated in your show and earned a ribbon to see if they are interested in becoming a member of your group.  Remind them that only members can participate in the convention juried exhibit and show.  They should remain as NON-members in the database unless they have joined your or another group.  Do NOT remove them from the database; their wins need to be reflected in your show wins. 


Adding Members to the Database:  Completed by Database Managers or Show Chairs

What you need:  their first & last name AND their ACTUAL division based on their LIFE experience with art.  If you don't know their actual division, list them as an Elementary student and ask them to update their account.  It is no longer acceptable to list them as Adult Students as this category has been abused by those who are not at all Adult Students and fail to meet the criteria as stipulated in the LSAG Constitution/ By Laws & Prospectus which outlines our rules.  You will also need their email address (particularly if they need a login for shows or to adjust their division).  All other details can be added by the artists themselves.

If you have a read this and still have a question on what you are to do, contact .