Monday, August 15, 2016

LSAG: Winners List & Other News Notes

The LSAG Convention Winners List 
can be found under the August 8, 2016 newsletter & 
under Convention Honors under MORE on the LSAG website.


Have a degree in art?  Are you a teacher of art?

We will be happy to help promote your expertise in the field of art as a teacher or demo artist,
you do NOT qualify as an Adult Student or Non-Professional 
in our shows.  This should be obvious.
Please adjust your division to reflect your expertise.

If you are listed as an Adult Student
you must be someone who is 
in their first 2 years of college level art 
(and not entering your 3rd year) 
be new to creating art within your first 3 years of being 
self taught or taking lessons.

Leagues may NOT have an independent policy of allowing any new member to enter at the Adult Student level.
This is against LSAG rules.
Please refer to the very specific guidelines for Adult Students. 

Our strength is in the integrity of our members...and our leagues.


Know the Rules:

While a league might choose to welcome pieces that do not qualify under LSAG rules to its show,
Members & show participants may NOT add pieces to the database that are not appropriate for an LSAG show according to our rules.

Use of the database acknowledges each artist's understanding AND compliance of ALL of the rules.  Therefore those pieces that go against the rules CANNOT be entered on the database.

While your show may accept any of the categories below,
they are NOT eligible for entry or acknowledgement by LSAG.  
Artists may NOT use the LSAG database to enter them as eligible artworks NOR have them represented as winners:
-nudity (partial or full; back or front)
-violence, gore, or profanity / obscenities 
(visually or in text or title)
-copies  (ALL artworks MUST be the original work of the artist)
-works that have been made as collaborations  
(only ONE artist may have worked on the piece from start to finish regardless of  an industry or craft standard) 


Judged or Juried? 

Please remember that ALL LSAG sanctioned LEAGUE level shows are JUDGED shows ---NOT juried.  LSAG Sanctioned league level shows allow ALL eligible and paying participants to enter and have their artwork hung for judging.  LSAG does not support the idea that there has to be a minimum number of pieces in order for a category to be judged.  Judges should be informed that ALL entries should be judged if you are taking an entry fee from the artists, and ribbons are at the discretion of the judges.
Judged shows where all can be included appeal to a variety of artist levels, and, when advertised, they can help bring your league new members. 

The LSAG Convention show is JURIED and JUDGED.  It is juried in that it is open to all winners from that art year as outlined in the prospectus and who abide by those rules & guidelines.

In other organizations, juried shows are also PRE-selected or PRE-qualifying.  In some, all are invited to have their work considered for a fee, but NOT all entries are accepted for hanging in the show.  Only a portion of the work submitted is actually included in the show.  These kinds of shows usually run for a longer period between weeks to a month or more.  They may be additionally judged or not.  Juried shows appeal to artists who have more experience. 


Promoting Your Show

To increase membership and participation at your show, 
leagues should promote their shows at least one month in advance of the show entry deadline
(or the show itself if you allow walk in registrants).

-Tell them once...and they see it.
-Tell them again...and they pay attention.
-Tell them the 3rd time...and they read it.
-Tell them the 4th time...and they consider participating.

Advertising is about repetition.


Newsletter Holiday Schedule:

If you have a show, classes, workshops or other events scheduled in November, December, & January,
please note the following and adjust your advertising in the LSAG newsletter accordingly.  

There will be NO newsletter on Nov. 23 or 30 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
November newsletters will be on Nov. 2, 9, & 16.
Deadline:  The Sunday BEFORE that newsletter, midnight.
Final deadline for Nov. 16 newsletter is Nov. 13.

There will be NO newsletter on Dec. 21 or 28 in observance of the 
Christmas holiday.
December newsletters will be on Dec. 7 & 14.
Deadline:  The Sunday BEFORE that newsletter, midnight.
Final deadline for Dec. 14 newsletter is Dec. 11.  

There will be NO newsletter on Jan. 4 in observance of the 
New Years holiday.
January newsletters will be on Jan. 11, 18, & 25
and continue weekly.