Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LSAG: League & Individuals Recognized at Convention

The following leagues & members were recognized in the categories listed below.  
Join in congratulating them for a job well done.

League Recognition:

Outstanding Reporting

Art League of Ft. Bend:  
Show Chair Sue Syvertson  / Database Mgr. Sue Zelko

Brenham Fine Arts League:  
Show Chair Rebecca McWhorter  /  Database Mgr. Sue Zelko

Coldspring Area Art League:  
Show Chair Jody Stewart /  Database Mgr. Sandi Osieki

Houston Art Society:  
Show Chairs Winn Lee & Sally Schoyt /  Database Mgr. Michael Adams

Imperial Art Alliance:  
Show Chairs Rebecca Barkley & Alonso Garcia /  Database Mgrs. Deb Anderson & Jules Fuchs

Katy Area Artists:  Show Chairs Theresa Wilson & Vivian Mora /  Database Mgr. Vivian Mora

Livingston Art League:  Show Chair Bruce Horton /  Database Mgr. Peggy Borchers

National Society of Artists:  Show Chair Jay Ybarra  /  Database Mgr. Cathy Manzer

North West Art League:  Show Chair Polly Ward  /  Database Mgr. Nancy Lee

Advertising Excellence:

Art Society of Wimberley:  Publicity Chair Michelle Bauer
Conroe Art League:  Publicity Chair Bibi Blonn
Tomball Art League:  Publicity Chair Cheryl Thomas
Woodlands Art League:  Publicity Chair Jackie Impey

Individual Recognition:

Outstanding Volunteerism to Your League &/or LSAG

Michael Adams
Marguerite Bundick
Lauren Combs
Lori Cummings
Kerry Conkling
Karen Corner
Martha Ezell
Ed Gorman
Jerry Sue Greenhill
Sally Hoyt
Julia Koutroulis
Winn Lee
Vivian Mora
Jim & Alice Runkle
Ollie Schiller
Bob Trivers
Sue Zelko

Outstanding Volunteerism to Your Community

Sara Parker
Golda Rader
Evonne Sturm
Doris Thompson

Exemplary Art Achievement

Rene Palmer Armstrong
Juan Cantavella
Bob Gardner
Doug Hiser
Karen Lindeman
Rosemary Massey
Lynne Skoyles

President's Honors

Michael Adams
Alma Valverde
Nathan Van Farowe
Malvine Wolf


Lifetime Achievement

Joyce Beckwith
William Epps
Sharon Haney
Terri Harris
Kay Peschel (posthumously)
Joy Rumscheidt (posthumously)
Milam Schverak
Susan Tsai
Malvine Wolf

If you were not at convention, please see your league members who were there.  All certificates were handed out to league members to present to you.

Don't see someone you think is deserving?  
You must not have sent us an email to nominate them.  OOPS!  Don't miss out doing so next year.  Any & all LSAG members may put forth anyone including themselves for recognition.  
Look for announcements in the spring.