Monday, August 8, 2016

LSAG: Convention Juror's Statement from Vie Dunn-Harr

What a privilege to be invited as one of the jurors at the LSAG Convention – Be Inspired & Inspire Others, to participate in the selection of the best of the best.   I certainly enjoyed meeting and collaborating with the other judges, Charles Wallis and Cheng Lian.

As a painter, I understand all that goes into making ART.  I also understand that drawing, digital art, photography, sculpture, and all other forms of art require the same commitment, consideration, and passion to be outstanding in expression and technique.

I would like to commend each of you who have submitted art works, for your willingness to be subject to critique by another.  It tells me something about you….that you would like to be a part of the art community and that you believe in your potential to contribute something valuable as a creator of art. 

You presented me with a diverse collection of art and it was challenging to decide which works would receive awards.  All works selected were unique and celebrated for many different reasons.  The awards were given to the artworks that drew me in visually and intellectually, and also inspired me to be more, artistically.  Congratulations!   And yes, I was inspired as well in the process! 

If your work was not selected, be encouraged to continue with a passion.  Also, remember that the choices were the opinion of one! 

Congratulations to everyone in the exhibit!  Thank you for the honor of serving as juror. 

Thank you to Julia Koutroulis for the preparation and guidance in understanding the system set in place to judge.  Also a special thank you to the girls who were superb assistants in the process of selection, as I lingered, revisited, and lingered……..

It was a pleasure to meet each of you and a wonderful day as I spent time amongst you and your art.

I must also say, that in this short time of getting to know Alice Van Farowe and watching her attention to detail and commitment to work as she does, I have great respect and admiration for your LSAG President. 

Vie Dunn-Harr, American Painter

Painter Vie Dunn-Harr