Tuesday, July 26, 2016

LSAG: Rule Reminders

If you are pre-registered to participate in the show, the LSAG 2nd VP of Shows  has sent you an email.  Please look over it carefully.  Below are a few key notes, but Julia's email is more detailed.  Please be prepared and do not set yourself up for disappointment:  read Julia's email and follow the directions.

Do NOT bring artwork that is not PRE-registered.  It will NOT be entered, and you will have to leave it in your hot car.  

*Rule Reminders for the Show:

-Art must have a wire attached right to left on the back side.  NO other forms of hanging are allowed.  This is for student and adult entries.
-Art must be appropriate for a family friendly event.  NO nudes will be hung.  NO gore, NO violence, NO obscenities.  NO exceptions.
-artwork over 36 inches / or over 3 lbs. and you will need to bring your own easel.
-See notes on sculpture for those in that category.
-YOU are responsible for reading, understanding, and agreeing to abide by ALL show rules, guidelines, and the show prospectus.

What to do BEFORE you arrive:

-Have art labeled on the back.  Old show labels are fine.
-Wipe the dust off, and clean any glass.
-COVER your name / signature.
-Make sure your work is intact.  Frame is in appropriate condition, wire backing is secured, etc.
-Bring some backup supplies.

Once you get there:  

-Check in and get your labels out & on your pieces correctly.
-DOUBLE CHECK to make sure the right label is on the right piece.  This is the ARTIST's EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY.
-Drop them off.  Thank you for NOT hanging your artwork yourself unless you are requested to do so.  Those with easels should have them labeled also and present work and easel together.

See full prospectus on the website: