Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LSAG: Convention News and Notes

*Great news for all leagues:  Previously, a list of convention attendees and show participants was not available on the database providing league treasures no checklist or information with which to follow up with their membership.  NOW there is!  Login as DM then click Registration.  Select your league from the drop down menu and click Payment(s).  A list of those from whom you need to get funds appears.  Checked participants are Attending; those without a check are Show Only Participants.

*Registration for convention has closed & payments from leagues to LSAG should have been sent no later than last Saturday.  Most all have been received.

*Please note:  Those attempting to add themselves or a guest will NOT be listed in the materials and will NOT have a registration packet leading to disappointment upon arrival at convention.  You will NOT be added at this time nor at convention.  Please understand much planning goes into convention as well as working with caterers and others.  It is imperative we are respectful of the parameters in which we must work.

*We are looking forward to a dynamic convention that is sure to be full of inspiration!  See you all soon!  Convention details are below in a separate post including schedule, demo artist websites, & hotel info.
*The LSAG new board has been slated for the 2016-2017 year! The deadline for showing interest was Tuesday, July 12th, midnight.  We are no longer accepting nominations at this time.  For future reference, those seeking a position with LSAG should...
-have displayed getting along well with others & be a team player
-be able to use email efficiently for communications & respond to emails in a timely fashion