Wednesday, June 1, 2016

LSAG: Let Us Know and Be Recognized!

Recognition of Members at this year's convention: 
Share Your Own Inspiring Story TODAY

Recognition this year at convention will include honoring volunteers and other categories of special members listed below.

What you need to know from the outset:
ANY LSAG Member can and should notify us of their OWN service or accomplishments.
ANY LSAG Member can and should notify us of their FELLOW MEMBERS' service or accomplishments.
ANY LSAG League can and should notify us of their members' service or accomplishments

There is NO responsibility on a league to conduct formal nominations or voting.  In fact, we discourage it as it is not in the spirit of what we are trying to do.

You do not need to be present at convention to be recognized.  
Of course, it is nicer for you if you are there to hear, see, and feel the support of your fellow artists, but this is not a requirement.  
You will be contacted following convention if you are not able to attend.

This year, we wish to recognize 3 groups of people:  2 groups of volunteers, those who have earned some other art accolade or achievement that can inspire us all, and one more below. 

1-those who volunteer in a league or with LSAG, past or present
2-those who contribute to the community in some art capacity (teachers, philanthropists, or some other art service volunteer)

1-Volunteers in a league or with LSAG:  Past and Present
Are you a volunteer this year with your league or another LSAG league?  Have you volunteered in the past?  If you have ever served your league or LSAG in any capacity, please let us know.  We'd like to recognize you at convention for your contribution.  We'll also have special recognition for those who have served for 3 years or more whether those are consecutive years or separate years.

2-Volunteers in the Community:  Past and Present 
Have you served the community with art?  Do you share art by teaching or doing outreach to / for others?  Please share with us what you do or that of a fellow inspiring artist.  We want to recognize those who have done art related community service presently or in the past.  Additionally, special recognition will also be given to those who have served in the community artfully for 3 years or more. 

3-Art Achievement:  those who inspire others through their own achievement or accolade

Art Achievement:  Do you have an art related achievement outside of LSAG that will inspire others in our guild?  The exciting art elements of your life can inspire all of us.  Please share with us.  Did you get your signature status in another art organization or made it in your first juried exhibit?  All levels of art achievement are important.

Finally, our last group of honorees will be to those who have been longtime members of LSAG.  Let us honor those who have carried the torch, so to speak, with their faithful membership over the years who have built a body of work in any LSAG category or categories.  

4- Lifetime Art Achievement:
This special recognition is for those who have been longtime members of LSAG for 10 years or more (does not have to be in the same league nor consecutive) or can be given posthumously.  This award, as the name states, is for artists who have over the course of the 10 yrs. or more or in their lifetime created a body of art work in any of the LSAG recognized categories or a combination of categories.  This award is given to current LSAG member artists.  It can also be awarded posthumously to a deceased member by presenting it to a family member or designee in their honor. 

What We Need:
--Name (first and last) of yourself or the fellow member 
--Home league of yourself or the fellow member
--The award specified above that you/ they are nominated for
--How you / they have contributed for said award 
(see descriptions above)
--Your / Their email address & phone number
(If it is a posthumous award for a deceased member, please provide a family member's name, email, and phone number.)  

Artist: Polly Palette
Home League:  ABC
Award(s):  Volunteer service in the community-- I volunteer with ARTOutreach to Children's Hospital, Women's Center, and Homeless Shelter/ Soup Kitchen by donating art pieces and conducting workshops for patients and clients.  I have been doing this over the course of the past 5 years.  

When We Need It By & Where to Send It:
Please let us know the above by June 30 midnight by sending an email to .

We hope you will contribute to what will be a special time of recognizing our artists at convention beyond the excitement of the show awards.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know at  .  As previously mentioned in the above post, we have received overwhelming approval from members and leadership alike in support of this special time of recognition.  As stated in the open letter, we are going with the majority opinion.