Wednesday, June 29, 2016

LSAG: Convention 2016 Details

LSAG Convention 2016
July 29 & 30
Klein ISD Multipurpose Center in Spring

Registration is open and continues 
June 30, midnight.


"Be Inspired & Inspire Others"
  Whether it is through the inspiring testimony of other members and what they are doing to dynamic demo artists and what will surely be a beautiful juried show, 
we want to re-light or brighten the creative light within each of us.
And it is bigger and brighter than ever! 


Two new presenters this year to take your art career to the next level:

Charles Wallis
on turning your art into your business
---INCLUDED in your convention admission---


Kari Schmidt
on artful presentation and framing


Demo Artists to Inspire:

Carolyn Hancock, Pastelist

Sarah Kitagawa, Watercolorist & Mixed Media

Shirley Moore Leago, Traditional Oils

Annie Lockhart, Intuitive Painting

M. Allison Sacra, Abstract Oils 


Demo Artist Schedule:

Friday @ 5-7  Sarah Kitagawa
Friday @ 7:15-9  Charles Wallis

Saturday @ 9-11  Shirley Moore Leago  --and--  Annie Lockhart

Saturday @ 11:15-12:15  Kari Schmidt
(First course of salad will be served during this demo.  Remaining courses and recognition, meeting, etc. will follow beginning at 12:15.)

Saturday @ 3-5  Carolyn Hancock  --and--  M. Allison Sacra


Art Intake and Show Schedule:
Intake of artworks will be 3-7 PM.
A drawing for a special door prize will be done for those who bring in ALL of their registered artwork by Friday at 7 PM.  If artwork is not labeled or prepared for hanging properly or does not meet the show guidelines, the artist will not be in the drawing.

Intake of artworks will be 7:30-8:30 AM. 
No late take ins will be accepted.  
Time must be allotted for hanging and quality control so that judging can begin and end on time and so volunteers can manage the show efficiently.

Show Schedule:
Show will open from 2:30 - 5:30
Take down will be at 5:30. 
Artwork may NOT be taken down prior to 5:30.
Security measures will be in place as last year to help ensure your art does not leave with someone not designated to take it out of the building. 
Any art sales should be managed after take down and is between the seller and the buyer. 

Beginning next week, we will be posting reminders about how your artwork should be prepared for the show. 

Luncheon is a full 3 course menu and can accommodate those with common allergens like nuts and seafood as well as gluten allergies.
Please notify us no later than June 30 so arrangements can be made.


Attending Member:  $45
Attending Non Member Guest:  $50

Non Attending / Show Participant Only:  
Adult:  $15
School Student K-12:  $10 

Entry Fees for ALL Show Participants Attending and Non Attending Artists:
Adult Entries:  $7 each
School Student K-12 Entries:  $5 each

If you are a parent / legal guardian, and your LSAG member school student K-12 would like to attend this year's convention, contact Alice at .  Student MUST be a member of an LSAG league.  Registration MUST be made by the deadline.