Tuesday, March 1, 2016

LSAG: Membership Updates by Mar. 31st

ATTENTION:  DATABASE Managers & League Presidents:

Most organizations have a listing of their membership.  Being one of the largest & most dynamic artist organizations in TX and the country, we should also.  Our new slate of awards & honors at convention as well as other membership benefits such as being a featured artist on the website will be dependent on an updated database.

With that in mind, please add your members who are not currently in the database to it by the end of March.  Yes, even for those who are not competitors at shows.  Database Managers can do this very simply & easily & within a very little amount of time.

*****PLEASE NOTE:  Do not ask your membership to do this; they cannot.  Database managers or show chairs must do these additions of those not in the system already.

1-Go to the database & log in as your league's database manager (not your personal artist account) & click on ARTISTS.
(You can get to the database by going to the ENTER page under SHOWS or DATABASE LOGIN under ADMINISTRATIVE INFO.  As an alternative, visit lsag.wspub.com.  NO www please & note the 'dot' between lsag & wspub.)  If you are not using an updated browser, you may have challenges.  See our DATABASE HELP page on the website for more information to assist you.

2-Do nothing for those already in the database.  For those NOT in the database, click ADD NEW.

3-A new page will come up with fill in the blanks.  Those with a red asterisk (*) are required which is only
-the first & last name of the artist, (the display name will be added automatically based on this info), 
-the HOME league, 
-& either an email address or click the box that says 'no email'.  
When you've added all of the info, click 'ADD ARTIST'.  You are finished!

Note:  Address, phone numbers, & other details are NOT necessary for those not participating in shows nor is it necessary for this membership listing.

Total time is seconds per artist.  Please note:  It should NOT be any league's policy to enter all new artists under the level   IV    or  Adult Student division.  Artists should be entered at their EXPERIENCE LEVEL.  So professionals should be entered as professionals even if they are new members to your league; those who do not meet the Adult Student criteria but are still beginners should be entered as Non-Professionals.  Semi-Professionals are in between these two divisions---beyond Non-Professional level yet not quite Professionals.  Also keep in mind the limits of participation even at the Adult Student level.  Our guild is dependent on the honesty & integrity of its league members.

Again, please add your complete HOME league membership by March 31st.