Tuesday, February 16, 2016

LSAG: Free Weekly Advertising

If your league has a show in March, 
you should be advertising in February. 

Some other month?
Advertise the month before.

The key to advertising is repetition.  
Tell your audience and tell them again...and again.
Shows are the number one way to increase your membership.
Your membership growth is your league's growth. 

Here's some tips:

*Keep it short and sweet...but complete.  Think party invitation with a few more details.

*Include the deadlines--especially if one is on the horizon.

*Sorry, we cannot post your entire prospectus nor your forms.  But you should connect people to your website in your ad and give them a person to contact if they have trouble.

*Have a picture to include?  It must be in JPEG format, or you will not see it in your post.  

*Remember:  We cannot be every league's publicity chair.  YOU must post & re-post your shows (and other events) each week you want it to be included.  The deadline each week is Sunday, midnight.

*For our complete Posting Policy, visit the LSAG website.  All LSAG leagues may send in up to 5 announcements with art news for their league; add a 6th announcement for LSAG sanctioned shows.  Friends of LSAG may submit one announcement per week.