Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LSAG: Fall Show Wins Need to be Recorded By the End of This Month

LSAG Reminder to Show Chairs & / or Database Managers:

If you had a fall show, then the wins from that show need to be added to the database by Jan. 31st.

Why?  There is the 2 ribbon rule AND the Best of /First Place rule as well.  When wins are not recorded in a timely fashion, there's a greater risk one of these rules get broken.

Please be respectful of your membership &fellow LSAG leagues for which your membership may participate in their shows; record their wins for fall shows in a reasonable amount of time.  Many artists depend on this listing to determine which pieces they will enter in spring shows---some of which can be as early as February.  When they don't see wins recorded, they think a piece is still eligible when they may not be.  Wins for fall shows need to be recorded by Jan. 31st.  This has been posted on the website for some time.

Thanks for your timely attention to this if you have not already done so.  For those who have already completed this task, our sincerest appreciation.