Tuesday, September 29, 2015

LSAG: Call to Artists

LSAG is looking for artists to feature on the website.  
A group of artists will be featured for a period of 1 1/2 to 2 months.
First featured artists will be to honor those who volunteer for their league on the board & highlighting our kid artists elementary to high school. 
(Next call to artists will be in January.  This will be for a different group of artists or a different theme.)

Adult artists who serve their league in any capacity on the league's board for various future spots;  apply now to Nov. 15
(We will be featuring other volunteers at a later date.)

Kid artists who are members of their LSAG league for November & December; apply no later than Oct. 15
(Due to the verification process, kid applicants MUST be members of an LSAG league directly.  This is normally at a nominal charge to the student.)

How to Apply:
1-Send your name, medium(s) you work in, & your home art league to 

lsagannouncements@gmail.com  .

Kid artists should also supply their age & grade level.  Homeschoolers:  Send the grade equivalent, not skill level.

2-We'll send a request to confirm current membership to your home league.  Please keep in mind MANY people receive our newsletter & some are not members of an LSAG art league.  Once verified, we'll send you a confirmation email.  

3-Reply to the confirmation with 
-1-3 JPEG images of your artwork.  Only JPEGS are accepted.  Sizing information will be provided at that time.  If you are unable to re-size, we can help you.
-Optional:  a photo of yourself.  Again, only JPEGS.
-provide some details for a brief bio:  medium(s) in which you work, special themes you enjoy, leagues or other art related groups you are involved with, any education or training you wish to share, awards, honors either specific or general including special shows you have been a part of, hometown.  Kids may provide other hobbies they enjoy, activities, or school interests.  You may also provide a website link.  Information may be edited due to space limitations.  Bios featured will typically be 5-8 sentences.

4-Print, sign, & mail in the consent form to the treasurer's office on the website under LEADERSHIP.  The consent form allows us to use the image on the site.

-For safety reasons, kid artists will be identified by their first name & last initial.  We will not be able to add what school they attend or other personal information.  Instead of 'He serves as the basketball captain at Kennedy High School,'  we'd put 'He serves as his team's basketball captain.' 

-All JPEGS will be adjusted down in size to protect artists' works.  All artists retain their full rights.  If the photo is too large for the space, a close up, detail picture will be used.  Unfortunately, low quality / low resolution JPEGS will not be able to be used, & if that is all that is supplied, it may eliminate an artist from being featured. 

-QUESTIONS:  Email us at   lsagannouncements@gmail.com