Tuesday, August 25, 2015

LSAG: Want to Grow Your League, Have More Volunteers?

The answer to the questions are simple:  ADVERTISE!

Advertising on the LSAG Newsletter is 

Our newsletter is one of the first things newcomers find, & they check out the guild as a whole by signing up for the newsletter.
They see who is active & who is nearly invisible.

Most leagues do not take advantage of this critical benefit of league membership in LSAG.
Is your league one of them?

Grow your league by announcing:
-your shows
-your meetings/demos
-your workshops & classes
-your community outreaches
-your members' achievements
Whatever you've got growing, 
everyone should be knowing!

Newcomers to the area
Crossover members from other leagues...
from more comes MORE
MORE members =MORE volunteers!
TAP into your ARTISTIC resources right around you.
But they need to know about YOU!
Exclusive clubs are OUT;
INclusive clubs are, well, IN!

FREE:  All the time
EASY:  Send an email with the body of your advertisement in the body of your email; deadline Sunday midnight
EFFECTIVE:  Short, sweet, & to the point...they get the most hits
CONSISTENT:  Every week with few exceptions

For more tips, visit the Posting Policies page on the website.