Monday, February 3, 2014

Reminders from LSAG Blog/E-Newsletter: Our Greater Guild's Free Advertising Venue

*It is the responsibility of EACH INDIVIDUAL LEAGUE to post advertisements to the blog.

**This is a FREE TOOL for your use as part of your LSAG membership.  The LSAG website is the guild's home base; the LSAG blog is the guild's newspaper or television available to remind you & the greater guild about art events and ADVERTISE your league's events to others on a weekly basis.

***Art related posts only please.  Posts should be sent no less than a week prior to the event with the exception of on-going events.  For on-going events, feel free to post until the end of your event.

****The deadline for each Tuesday's e-newsletter is SUNDAY midnight.  Late postings will be delayed to the following week.  We do not publish expired posts. 

*****The more you advertise your MEETINGS, your DEMOS, your CLASSES, your SHOWS, & other activities, the better attended they will be.  Greater attendance=potential for increase in your league's membership!

******YOU are welcome to RE-POST your activities as often as you wish up to your event or the end of your event.  We are NOT able to re-post for you.  This is a weekly e-newsletter, & we have a large number of leagues as well as friends of LSAG for whom we are publishing their posts.

*******Basic editing for spelling & grammar is included.  We do our best to make your post look attractive, but you must submit it in a form in which we can do so.  If you do not, we will not be able to adjust your type to make it more readable or change your spelling/grammar if you make a mistake.  Ampersands (&) make posts messy unless they are edited by us.

********We canNOT post your entire prospectus.  Please include a link or your web address for more information.

*********The most read posts are SHORT but COMPLETE with the basics for any invitation included & CONTACT INFORMATION & WEBSITE. 

**********To post, send a SIMPLE EMAIL to  Attach pictures in JPEG format.  Attached documents will NOT POST PROPERLY.  Pictures in another format will NOT POST PROPERLY.  For more details on how to post, please see the blog main page or the LSAG website.