Sunday, May 31, 2020

Together We Are VSC: Alumnx News, June 15 Fellowships Open, and Programming Schedule

Stay home, stay safe, and stay connected.
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VSC Red Mill over the Gihon River
VSC's Red Mill, Johnson, Vermont—oil, 16 x 20 by Barbara Stein, 2009 Fellow 
Alanna Schubach—A Poem A Story A Prompt

Lisa Hase-Jackson—Cucumbers in July
Penelope Umbrico—Sun/Screen (coloring book)
Patrick Thomas McCarthy—Madame X's Allerton
Madeleine Barnes—You Do Not Have to Be Good
Remembering Ralph Angel, Poet (1951-2020). Thank you, Ralph, for your work in words, your life in letters, your generous spirit, and your time at VSC. Read more here.
Visit the Virtual VSC website weekly for new installments of 6 Feet Apart—and hear from artists and writers, see what they are up to, what they are making, and how they are navigating life in the new normal.
Next week enjoy virtual open studios with Dave Madden and David Humphrey, and from the VSC vault Julie Heffernan's artist talk. 
Throughout the month of May, we will be sharing VSC Virtual Voices Reading Series consisting of prose written and read by our VSC community. Find a passage from "The Magical Language of Others" by E. J. Koh and more on Virtual VSC.
VSC's writing community continues to be busy "offline" as well. The second month of Writing in the Time of Corona, an exchange of original work is well underway.
Vermont Studio Center was founded on an enduring commitment to nurturing an extended community of artists and writers. We are all in this together.
"While You Were Out" Alum Group Show, June 16 to the Reopening
of VSC
Vermont Studio Center is excited to announce an open call "While You Were Out"—a salon-style group show displaying digital images of work by VSC Alumnx Artists and Writers in the Red Mill Gallery. Currently our Red Mill Gallery is closed to the public, but the windows face out to our community here in Johnson, VT. We would love to fill this empty space with work by our talented alumnx!
Learn more here.
Find all of the Fellowships offered at our June 15 deadline, and eligibility requirements, at
"At VSC, I met a truly astounding group of artists and thinkers who challenged me and inspired me and, most importantly, became dear friends. Much of the joy and levity I felt while moving through my days, I owe to them. Thank you, Vermont Studio Center, for an unforgettable month."—Jo Stewart, January 2020 Fellow
Thank you to all of our alumnx for sharing your news and successes with us. Due to the high volume of submissions, VSC does not have the capacity to share all news in a timely manner. Please keep sharing. Even if we cannot share we are inspired by all of the work that we see.
About the artist: The paintings of award-winning artist Barbara Stein have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, New York; the Office of the Manhattan Borough President in New York City; the Gallery of Elderfields in Manhasset, New York; the Petite Gallery, Huntington, New York; the Mill Pond House Gallery in Smithtown, New York; and the Graphic Eye Gallery in Port Washington, New York. Stein received a B.F.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University and an M.A. from New York University. Barbara currently lives in the New York City area.

Monday, May 4, 2020

DaVinci Sales Online.

DaVinci Artists Gallery. Tomball, TX.
COVID 19 Has DV Gallery Closed Temporarily
Here is an easy access link to our new Showcase! Buy Online Now!
FotoFest PopUp at DaVinci Artists Gallery...
View both FotoFest Videos here:
The Joseph Lakey Story & 3 Side Stories.
FotoFest Part II:
Plan Ahead: Rent DaVinci for an Event.
Good times are on the horizon. Now is the time to plan ahead. Let Elite Catering by Darren help you plan a social or corporate event at the gallery for later this year.

We're all in this together. Support Local Businesses.
Our Gallery is closed due to CoVid 19. But our Website, Facebook & Instagram are Online.
See what's new ... Sales, too.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Our Artists wish you all good health.

Woodlands Arts Council: Letter from the President

Together We Can Meet the Challenge!
Friday, May 1, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. Even as we see a reduction in new cases and deaths, businesses beginning to open, and an easing of public movements, the impact of the virus will continue to affect our world for years to come. Yet, we at The Woodlands Arts Council are remaining hopeful and positive. We are excited to invite you to save the date for October 17-18 and join us for another award-winning Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival. The Woodlands Arts Council is confident that this fall, The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival will be another exciting community event.

Today's Challenges

Postponement of our two major sources of funding, the Art Dash VIP event and The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, resulted in an unexpected budget shortfall. Even so, with our recent strategic reduction of expenses and staff salaries, TWAC is ready and eager to produce an award-winning Arts Festival in October for our artists, sponsors, and community.

TWAC did not qualify for any funding assistance from the state or federal government. The Woodlands Arts Council Executive Director and staff are contractors, not employees; therefore, TWAC did not qualify for the CARES act.

Expenses related to social distancing and public health concerns are unknown at this time. But we do know that the pandemic will increase expenses in how we will prepare and operate all public events in the future.

Funding for art scholarships awarded to high school seniors has been reduced.
The postponement of the Art Dash Party, a major fundraiser for art scholarships, has impacted the dollars available for the 2020 scholarship winners.

We need your help more than ever!

Like arts nonprofits across the nation experiencing canceled events, declines in revenues, and increased expenses, TWAC depends on our supporters and sponsors. Our sustainability is dependent on growing our Friends program, securing major sponsorships, and attracting new donors. We recognize this is a challenging task since there are so many individuals, businesses, and nonprofits that have been hit hard by the pandemic and are also seeking assistance.
Ways You Can Help

Donate today: Consider making an unrestricted contribution to The Woodlands Arts Council. Your donation in any amount is needed to continue TWAC's ability to produce the arts festival, support public art, underwrite art scholarships, sponsor art education programs, and provide access to the performing and visual arts for our broader community. You can either donate below or join us on May 5th for #GivingTuesdayNow on Facebook.
Join the Friends of the Arts Council: All levels of membership offer a variety of benefits, including general admission tickets to the festival, complimentary parking, Art Dash tickets, and more.
Order your Arts Festival tickets early: Consider purchasing tickets and giving them to your loved ones or to our local health heroes and our first responders to honor their service during this pandemic. Purchase tickets below.
Thank You

Your previous contributions have made a difference! By donating, or joining the Friends of the Council, or purchasing tickets to the Arts Festival now, you are providing critical cash flow that is key to realizing our mission, and not only surviving but thriving, during the remainder of 2020. Please keep up the tremendous support that you are giving TWAC and encourage your friends and colleagues to join you in your efforts to donate during these uncertain times.
TWAC was in a strong position before the pandemic. With your donation, combined with careful and prudent planning today, we can better ensure that TWAC not only weathers this crisis but also emerges stronger.

With sincere gratitude,

Maria Alexander Holmes, EdD
President, The Woodlands Arts Council    

Jenny Carattini-Wright, CFEE
Executive Director
Help us share the news with your family and friends!
Save the Date OCTOBER 17-18, 2020

Thank you for supporting The Woodlands Arts Council

Because of your generosity, TWAC can continue to provide cultural and educational enrichment opportunities that encourage, support, and promote the performing and visual arts for residents of Montgomery County and the neighboring region. 

Because of your involvement, TWAC can continue to establish and support meaningful programs in the performing and visual arts to create a strong and vital arts presence in the area. Thank you for joining us in believing the arts can open the doors of our minds, strengthen character, heal the body and foster an appreciation of other cultures. 

Follow us on social media for updates!